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Logan (2017) HD

Director : James Mangold.
Release : 2017-02-28
Country : United States of America.
Language : English,Español.
Runtime : 135 min.
Genre : Action, Drama, Science Fiction.

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In the near future, a weary Logan cares for an ailing Professor X in a hide out on the Mexican border. But Logan's attempts to hide from the world and his legacy are up-ended when a young mutant arrives, being pursued by dark forces.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

A fitting requiem to the most recognisable X-Man, James Mangold’s Logan gives the towering Hugh Jackman a vast canvas for his swansong. In the film, Logan, better known as the hirsute, iron-clawed Wolverine, is much weakened and weathered but no less violent. This curtain call spares no punches, but it does so with an emotional undercurrent.

The year is 2029. Mutants have been all but eradicated or banished from North America. A few manage to hide out, adopting new identities and learning how to manage their powers. Logan is now a limo driver with a persistent cough, spectacles and a drinking problem. He is saving up for a life of exile on a boat while also caring for a much-depleted Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) with the help of albino Caliban (Stephen Merchant).

But Logan’s plans take a turn with the arrival of a next-generation mutant. With the introduction of Laura (Dafne Keen)—a female mini-Wolverine—the film becomes even more visceral than it already was. Laura remains mute for the most part, but when she’s enraged she screeches like a banshee and turns into a killing machine with metallic claws. Logan may have a pre-teen leading lady, but this is no film for kids.

Logan and Laura’s fates get intertwined when she convinces him to take her to a safe haven (which she’s read about in a comic book) for new age mutants. In a meta moment, Logan tells her that she shouldn’t believe all she reads. As they try to make the deadline for a meeting in North Dakota, they are hotly pursued by a private agency trying to capture the girl. The styling of Boyd Holbrook (as Donald) and Richard E Grant (as the scientist Dr. Rice) and some crazy desert chases have echoes of a dusty western much like Mad Max.

Watch Logan (2017) Movie Online Streaming & Download

To Mangold’s credit, you don’t feel the running time of 135 minutes, and there’s something poignant about seeing an aging Logan losing his indestructibility and inching towards an inevitable end.

After playing Wolverine a staggering nine times, if Jackman is indeed done with the facial hairstyling, growling and slicing claws, he’s ensured you are left feeling the loss.

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Watch movie online Logan (2017)

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Cally+Mike: North Dakota wedding video

Cally Jo Fredrickson and Mike Foss

North Dakota Wedding Video

Cally Jo and Mike FossSaturday, October 15th, 2016
Photographer: Britta Trygstad
Dance: October Road (band)

It may be below zero as I type this, but Cally and Mike’s wedding day was gorgeous, especially for mid-October.  They had planned for it to be much cooler, with embroidered fleece blankets at the ready, but the Sun was out and they went unused.

Everything was held on the Fredrickson family farm.  Cally and her bridesmaids got ready in one house, while the guys were in the other, by the shop, which also held the reception.

Call Jo FossThis was my third wedding this summer with Cally (the other two she was a bridesmaid).  She sure made things easy.  Everyone had lots of time to get ready or setup.  It was great.

As Cally and Mike walked back down the aisle, now married, they just kept on going nolvadex australia.  They walked out to the road for some pictures, which is when some surprise fire works (!) were then launched.  On the plus side, photos and video look much cooler when the sun is hitting the smoke left over from the explosions.

The band, October Road, got started after the first dance, which was performed live.  Cally and Mike surprised (yes, more surprises) everyone with a choreographed dance to Ed Sheeran.

Those are the highlights of the entire day below on the left (or the top), and the entire first dance on the right (or bottom)

And for those who are curious about such things, I was there, filming, for about 13 hours, and shot about six hours of total footage.  Three of that is just the ceremony.


Jayme+Ross: North Dakota wedding video

Jayme Perleberg and Ross Martell

New Rockford, North Dakota Wedding Video

Jayme and Ross North Dakota wedding videoSaturday, August 27th, 2016

Jayme and Ross are one of four couples from the small town of New Rockford who I filmed just this year, though they were the first to book me.

Their wedding day was gorgeous, so I indulged in three different timelapses, including one with their wedding rings with the sky in the background.

With the weather cooperating, today’s problems were the good kind.  For instance, the ceremony started late because so many people were still arriving.  Or dinner took too long to serve because, again, so many people.

Speaking of dinner, burgers and fries (optional cheese sauce) and it was fantastic.

Wait, I guess there were two sort of real problems.  Jayme’s flowers weren’t right when delivered, so the florist worked on them some more.  The other was the cake.  It was… cheap Generic nolvadex. well, leaning a lot.

The reception was under a tent at the local golf course.  Host couples walked around during the social pouring mini-shots of I don’t remember, maybe flavored Schnapps?  It was delicious.

It took a little while for the dance to get going, but that’s because the NDSU Bison game was on TV in the clubhouse, and quite a few people were interested in the end of that game.

Kate+Austin: North Dakota wedding film

Kate Smith and Austin Langley

Devils Lake, North Dakota wedding video

Kate Smith LangleySaturday, August 20th, 2016

I was hired for this wedding because I filmed Kate’s sister’s wedding just in July.

A lot of fun to unpack here.  The day started at a hotel overlooking a small lake, with neighboring rooms.  While the ladies were up and at ’em bright and early the guys… well, they took a little longer to get going.

Once everyone was ready, we all headed out to Austin’s family’s lake cabin, tucked in among the trees.  Very beautiful area.

Kate tried to surprise Austin for the first look.  The photographer and I had Austin doing his solo pictures, but he was suspicious the entire time and ready for it.

After the ceremony, the groomsmen took Kate out on one boat, and the bridesmaids and Austin on another (pontoon).  I managed to get a really cool shot of Austin dancing on his, in the middle of the lake, using the drone.

Then, back to Devils Lake for the reception with a live band.


Melissa+John: wedding film Fargo, ND

Melissa Fischer and John Adamek

Wedding Video, Fargo, ND

Friday, June 24th, 2016
Church: Nativity Catholic Church
Reception: <a href="http://hiltongardeninn3 why not check”>Hilton Garden Inn of Fargo
Photographer: Darryl Deutz (Fargo)
DJ: Harmon Danceworks (Fargo)

A full day today, shooting solo, beginning about 9am at the salon for Melissa’s hair and make up, then over to the hotel to catch John getting ready, and over to the church for the first look, interviews with their parents, and the ceremony.

The ceremony was an unusual challenge in one regard.  Well, two.  First, Catholic mass can be very long.  Here, about 80 minutes.  Next, the priest strictly forbid me (or the photographer) from coming anywhere near the front of the church, or anywhere the guests might see us.  This means some zoom lenses longer than usual to get up close and personal for the vows.

The reception at the Hilton was beautifully decorated and I’m sorry I don’t remember who did that work.  I’d love to credit them.

It was great to work with photographer Darryl again.  I haven’t seen him in a couple of years.  Very fun running around downtown Fargo with him and the wedding party, trying to get all of John and Melissa’s friends and family into the photos.


Whitney+Jacob: North Dakota wedding video

Whitney Smith & Jacob Burkhardsmeier

North Dakota wedding video

Saturday, July 16th, 2016
New Rockford, ND
Video: She Said Yes! wedding video
Photography: Jenna Lee Photography
DJ: KHook mobile DJ

Off on another grand adventure.  This time filming at the ranch, then church, then fair grounds pavillion.  The rain held off during the first part of the day, but swept in just as the first look was ending.

Today starts at the salon at 9am for Whit’s hair and makeup, done by her bridesmaid and cousin, Cally.

Whit Burkhardsmeier dancingAfter the getting ready is the first look, in the pasture.  The active cattle pasture.  Let’s just say, it presents some interesting challenges for moving around.  The views, however, are well worth it. (and I brought an old pair of shoes so, no harm).  It did lead to what might be my favorite shot of the entire day.  IN GIF FORM!

As we packed up at the first look is when the rain started.  By the time the ceremony started, it really poured on for most of the rest of the day and evening.

Over at the reception, Whitney’s grandpa Smith and his band, the Dakota Playboys, played during the social, and then again after dinner, before the dance.  You can catch a glimpse of him tearing up the dance floor with his wife, in the video. Fun fact: grandpa was playing in a band back when he met grandma, but it wasn’t until she broke her leg and couldn’t dance that he noticed her and finally asked her out.  Also, it was his grandfather that homesteaded the ranch that Whitney and Jacob now live on (and Whitney’s mom and dad in the other house), making her the 5th generation to live there.

There were a couple of other lovely and funny speeches, too, but kudos to the best man for managing to tell a story about a bachelor party that was both funny and appropriate.  And by appropriate I mean that it was both family-friendly, and it said something about Jake and the kind of guy he is.

I wrapped up filming at about 10:30pm, but reports have come in since then that the fun lasted until 3 in the morning.  Its not clear if Jake was still up then, or, like at the bachelor party, if he went to bed by 10 O’Clock (he is a rancher, after all.  There’s work to be done).

Random notes:

Whit’s garter was made out of a piece of her mother’s wedding gown.  The dress was also used to make a family baptismal gown.

Each of their parents met when setup for blind dates click here to find out more.  Of course, Whit’s mom didn’t know she was being setup.

Hilary+Brady: Minnesota Wedding Videography

Hilary Skjei and Brady Palmer

Wedding Videography in Barnesville, Minnesota

<img src="http://shesaidyesweddingvideo buy nolvadex×169.jpg” alt=”wedding ceremony” width=”300″ height=”169″ class=”alignright size-medium wp-image-135″ srcset=”×169.jpg 300w, 500w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” />Saturday, July 9th, 2016

There will be so much more in the coming weeks, but, I couldn’t resist posting just a little taste of yesterday’s wedding magic out at the Vintage Gardens in Barnesville.

*update* the short film (4 minute highlight) is now posted below.  Enjoy!

While the day was beautiful, about 9pm rain storms with a lot of lightning entered the area.  You can see the gathering storm clouds at the end of the video (the flicker is caused by the lightning).

The Vintage Gardens is very appropriate for Hilary and Brady since they met at a barn dance and he proposed in a barn.  Ben, the owner, has added a lovely bride’s cottage and a building for hosting dinner.  Ben himself was on hand the entire day and very helpful.

I got to work with Cloud 9 studios, out of Fertile.  Husband and wife team of Terry and Katie.  They were very considerate of us, as videographers and I’ve already seen one of their sneak peak pictures and it was amazing.

DJ Robert Benda’s ran sound systems for the ceremony, reception, and dance (each in its own location on the grounds.  Big ups to his guy, James, for keeping on top of things during the ceremony.  The wind reeked a little havoc with the pastor’s mic.


Miranda+Sam: Bismarck Wedding Video

Miranda Huether and Sam Brown

Bismarck Wedding Video

Friday, June 10th, 2016
Bismarck, ND

Vendor Team:
Photos: Leann Rennich
DJ: Azure Blue
Photo Booth:
Ceremony: Good Shepard Lutheran Church
Reception: Ramada Inn

Here are the highlights for Miranda and Sam to share online.  They’ll also receive a longer video of highlights and a video of the entire ceremony, speeches, and first dance.  More details below.

A little warm and sunny, but really a perfect day.  Sam and Miranda had me film the entire day, starting at 10am at the salon, for Miranda’s hair and makeup.  I stayed until almost 11pm, during the dance because, well, everytime I was ready to go, something else great would happen on the dance floor.  Be sure to catch one of the groomsmen doing the worm.

Featured in the video is the Best Man telling the story of how Sam met Miranda at a wedding, very randomly.  Fans of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ will like it, that’s for sure. The most unbelievable part being, there is a photo of the EXACT moment Sam was introduced to Miranda.  Though its a toss up as to whether that’s my favorite part of the story, or Sam not realizing he needed to actually ask Miranda for her number if he hoped to ever see her again.

The time leading up to the ceremony was a little different than planned since the church had a youth day camp going on.  Not the end of the world, we made do, since, fortunately, the weather was beautiful.

The photo booth was very good, maybe the best I’ve seen.  Good props.   Enclosed, but not a small space so more than 2 people could fit in there.  Photos printed on the spot.  And the operator (the owner) was very helpful and easy to get along with.

This is the first time I’ve brought out my new drone.  Here, its for the scenery.  Some wonderful views of the river and in the second shot, you can see the capital building in the distance.  The church is along the same road.

Guests were treated to a dessert bar (soooo many cookies) in a separate room before moving into the main room for dinner.  Decorated with up lighting, the room looked wonderful.

The DJ (who I wasn’t especially impressed with) did release some special low hanging fog for a ‘dancing on the clouds’ effect during Sam and Miranda’s first dance, which was cool.


Cheslyn+Trevor: Devils Lake Wedding Video

Cheslyn Peterson and Trevor Stromme

Stromme weddingSaturday, April 2, 2016
Devils Lake, ND
DJ: Robert Benda
Photographer: Sustad Photography

Hooray, the short highlight of the wedding day is here!

As for the photo booth, the video is the easiest way to see all the pictures.  Otherwise, Here are the photo booth pictures in all their glory.

As for the gallery of pictures on Facebook, share them, download them. published here.  They’re yours.

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Movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’ was released in March 15, 2017 in genre Fantasy. Bill Condon was directed this movie and starring by Emma Watson. This movie tell story about A live-action adaptation of Disney’s version of the classic ‘Beauty and the Beast’ tale of a cursed prince and a beautiful young woman who helps him break the spell.

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