Lacey+Joe: North Dakota wedding video

Lacey and Joe Dlugos

Lacey Nelson and Joseph Dlugos

North Dakota Wedding Video

Lacey and Joe Dlugos

Saturday, June 30th, 2018
Photographer: Nick Friesen
Reception: Colonel Hankinson’s Historic Barn


A warm, sunny day for Joe and Lacey down in Hankinson, North Dakota.  Its a classic rustic barn setup so when we arrived there must have been 25 people getting ready in the stunning (and enormous) house.  Lovely for them, but not if you’d like to quietly film a bride and groom reading the amazing letters they wrote for each other.

This lead to one of my favorite moments this summer: Lacey and Joe sneaking back into the house after the ceremony, no one else allowed, to exchange their letters and some gifts.  Then the photographer and I left and they got to enjoy some time, just the two of them in the midst of a busy day.

Be sure to catch Grandma giving me a quick wink at just before the 6 minute mark.

Kelsey+Jacob: Milt’s Barn wedding video

Kelsey Kleist and Jacob Johnson

Minnesota Wedding Video

Kelsey and Jacob Johnson

Sunday, May 27th, 2018
Photographer: Kensie Wallner
Dance: DownTown Horns
Reception: Milt’s Barn


My first time to Milt’s Barn and it was a gorgeous day.  Its hard to describe just how many dragonflies there are, buzzing about, but you if you pay attention you can really notice them during the 1st look.  If you think that’s a bad thing, no no no… there wasn’t a single mosquito to be found all day.

Today was a little different.  Kelsey and JJ didn’t have me stay for the reception.  Instead, I arrived for them getting ready, their letters to each other, and a 1st look.


And the letters were lovely.  Each clearly was invested and spent time preparing for the day.

The ceremony featured Kelsey’s grandpa singing (not in the highlight – only in their wedding ceremony video).

Alison+Rob: Barn at Five Lakes wedding video

Alison and Rob Fafinski

Alison Grafsgaard and Robert Fafinski

Minnesota Wedding Video

Alison and Rob Fafinski

Saturday, September 30th, 2017
Photographer: Emily Alexander
Dance: Silverado Band
Reception: Barn at Five Lakes
Dress: Justin Alexander
Flowers: Ditch Picker


Rob's notes for AliOh, my what a day.  A little rain, a little heat, but mostly it was just beautiful.  Rob surprised Alison with a bunch of notes in envelopes, labeled for different moments of the day.  For instance: Open if (when) you get nervous.  Needless to say it was a big hit with Ali.

I was with the couple all day, and did film their getting ready, but ended up not having it their short highlight because it felt like they’d want more family and friends included, instead of just focusing on the bride and groom.  (and they do see everything else in their other videos).

So, how many complete and total crying moments were there?  Hmmm… Ali when she read the first note from Rob; everyone when Ali had a first look with her bridesmaids and then read a note from Rob to them; Ali and her dad when they saw each other the first time (in the video).  Shockingly, Ali and Rob kept it together when they saw each other at the ceremony.  I was surprised (he did need a tissue for a moment – you see him tuck it back in his pocket as she walk down the aisle).

The dance was great – absolutely packed and still going when I left after an hour or two.  Speeches after dinner were 45 minutes long and, yet, somehow didn’t *feel* long.  One note: the tent was dark (candlelight levels), so I used my lights on Rob, Ali, and whomever was speaking so it’d look good on film.


Merissa+Tyler: Bismarck wedding video

Merissa McLeod and Tyler Johnson

Bismarck Wedding Video

Saturday, September 23rd, 2017
Photographer: Ethan Degree, Bismarck
Dance: Power Play DJ
Location: Sixteen03 Main Events (ceremony and reception)


A slightly different day.  Nothing from the ‘getting ready’ part of the schedule.  We joined in after noon, in time for the 1st looks.  First Merissa with her parents, then over to see Tyler.


Merissa had her grandmother, Eileen, as her Matron of Honor.  As she said to me beforehand, ‘she’s 81 and she’s a hoot!’  As Merissa said in her speech, she stands out for all the right reasons.

Their end of the wedding highlight also acts as a great example of why I always put a tiny lapel microphone on the groom as we catch the flower girl telling him how much he means to her, or Merissa’s grandma welcoming Tyler to the family, and, lastly, a stolen moment between the new couple.

Brooke+Jarod: Ojiketa Regional Park wedding video

Brooke Pearson and Jarod Olson

Ojiketa Regional Park Wedding Video

Brooke Pearson and Jarod Olson on their wedding daySaturday, July 22nd, 2017

“After watching Robert shoot a few different weddings of friends I knew I wanted him at our wedding! He is so creative and works incredibly hard (even if it’s extremely hot outside…) the sneak peak was beautiful and I can’t wait to see the final products!! I would highly recommend him to ANYONE! Thank you for everything 😁” -Brooke Olson

The day was pretty hot but it only slowed us down a little. Today is all day coverage, so I was with them from about 8am until not quite 10pm. The cabins in the park and the historic church in town did not have air conditioning. Fortunately, the reception did, and things cooled off enough in the evening.

Ojiketa has lots of spaces to explore and take amazing photos and video. Photographer Eric and I had plenty of time to work with Brooke and Jarod… in the afternoon he got them climbing up on a tree stump and Brooke, ever the trooper, obliged in her heels.

Brooke and Jarod OlsonIf you ever decide you want to fire off confetti, please double check and make sure its the tissue paper style. 20 of us ending up spending a solid 15+ minutes picking up the plastic pieces in the woods.

A tiny but funny detail: Brooke mentioned she was worried because she has a habit of sticking her tongue out when she’s nervous. So what do I see when I pull up the video from her getting her dress buttoned up? Very subtle, but very funny.

On the plus side for the Olsons, when I can’t sleep, I edit, and so I had their wedding video done before I left the park in the morning to head home (this was a 330 mile drive for me, each way).

A quick note about the folks listed below: they were all VERY good at what they do. Photog Eric was also thoughtful and considerate of the couple through out the day. Noah, the DJ… well, I don’t like very many DJs. At all. I really liked Noah. Brooke’s bouquet was amazing, and so was the cake.

Vendor team:
Hair and Makeup: Amanda at Onyx Salon and Spa, Coon Rapids, MN
Florist: Forever in Bloom Floral
Cake: Keys Bakery, Forest Lake
Dress: Fiancee Bridal, Minot, ND
Photographer: Eric Vest Photography,, Twin Cities
Photo Booth: I Do Booth
DJ: Noah from Beautiful Day DJs

Andrea+Chris: Jamestown wedding video

Chris and Andrea Bell

Andrea Brenno and Chris Bell

Jamestown Wedding Video

Saturday, July 15th, 2017

“Robert, we just wanted to send along a note to sincerely thank you for being such a HUGE part of our wedding.  We will cherish the work you did for us forever, and we cannot even begin to express our gratitude.  Know that we will be recommending you highly for years to come, and thank you so much!” – Mr. & Mrs. Bell

Chris and Andrea Bell

What a day, what a lovely day. Andrea carved out plenty of time for me to get capture everything I could possibly want through out the day and boy am I excited how it came together. Even the day of I could see, in my head, how this first video would come together.  Or, at least the beginning.  Note we don’t get to see them until the actual first look and he turns to see her.

Andrea BellThe wedding ceremony was at the chapel on the campus of University of Jamestown, where they met.

Lots of time during pictures for their friends to goof of, clearly.

They each wrote their own vows.  I could only include a little bit of each in their highlights, which is a bit of a shame.  I think Chris would like to have her promise to buy every Coldplay album in there, but, C’est La vie.

The song I used to start their video was chosen because it was also sung at their wedding.  I didn’t know about it until during, and I instantly recognized it.  Its one of my favorites to license (Secret Nation is the ‘band’ though its one guy, Spencer Combs, and her name is Holly Maher).

Shayla+Mike: Vintage Gardens wedding video

Shayla Kuzel and Michael Wirries

Minnesota Wedding Video

Friday, July 7th, 2017
Photographer: Haley Frost
Dance: Front Fenders (Band)
Location: The Vintage Gardens, Barnesville, MN

What a day, what a day.  The Vintage Gardens hosts the entire day, so Shayla and Mike got ready there, married there, and danced to their heart’s content there.  We (photographers and I) may have also done a little dancing, too, once we were done shooting.

But the big story from the day has got to be maid of honor Meg’s toast.  She sang it and it went great.  (see video).  By coincidence I put together the background music for Meg – she knew me through Facebook and did not realize I would be the one filming the wedding and I didn’t know she was the maid of honor for Shayla.  Small world I guess.

The day was a very sunny 80 degrees so it wasn’t the hottest day ever, but it did bake us a bit.  No clouds make the mix of sun and shade a challenge, especially filming an outdoor ceremony.  There was a bit of drama surrounding the guys’ suits, most of which got solved.  When Mike’s button popped during family pictures, I got to play seamstress and sew it back on for him.

Shayla’s engagement ring was made with stones from Mike’s grandmother’s ring.  Shayla also carried a handkerchief that had belonged to her own grandmother, who passed away two years ago.  The bridesmaids each got a note from Shayla and a charm bracelet (so much crying).  The groomsmen some wooden beer mugs.


Casey + Chase: Rustic Oaks wedding video

Casey Backhaus and Chase Myers

Rustic Oaks Wedding Video

Friday, June 30th, 2017
Photographer: Erin Pollestad Photagraphy

A beautiful day out at Rustic Oaks.  Not too hot.  Not too sunny.  No rain.

Casey and Chase are little goofballs.  There may or may not exist a reel of her, in particular, making faces and cracking jokes from through out the day.

Casey's wedding dressThere was a dance, but not for them.  More for her mom and the guests.  Casey and Chase had a first dance, and I think Casey got dragged onto the dance floor one time, but that was it.  So photographer Erin and I had some extra time at sunset to get pose them.  This included a sparkler picture, which, I am proud to say, I got to be sparkler guy for Erin.  This took like 5 tries and 15 minutes to get just right.  Sooooo many sparklers (this photo is like five in my hand)

So, best moments… along with getting them to cry in their interviews…. her dad forgetting he had one more job to do at the start of the ceremony (Pssst…. Brad!)…. once everyone was asked to stand for the bride, it took quite a while for her to appear.  Like, minutes.  When I asked her about it afterwards, Casey admitted, she was tearing up again and didn’t want everyone to see her like that (good tears, if anyone is wondering.  Good tears).

Lindsey + Jackson: Fargo wedding video

Lindsey Haverland and Jackson Strom

Fargo Wedding Video

Lindsey and Jackson Strom
Friday, April 7th, 2017
Ceremony+Reception Location: Sanctuary Events Center, Fargo, ND
Flowers: Floral and Event Design by Kellie Smith
Photographer: Chantell+Brett photography
Singer: Sophie Thiel
Guitarist: Leonard Jones
Dance: Front Fenders (band)

For a wedding at the start of April, Lindsey and Jackson did score pretty good weather, though they (we) did contend with wind in the 30-40mph range during the day.  On the plus side, that let her veil do some beautiful things like in that GIF below.

Most of the day took place at the Sanctuary Events Center in downtown Fargo, though Jackson got ready at their house, and the photographers found a fantastic spot for the first look.  I mean, just look those pines… that was only a 7 minute drive away from the Sanctuary!  Thanks, Chantell and Brett!

Lindsey and Jackson strom gifWhile family and wedding party pictures were being taken, I managed to steal a few of the VIPS (parents and grandparents) for interviews.  Basically, ask some questions and get them to tell their own stories.  Sometimes you learn wonderful things, like how Lindsey’s 91 year old grandma loved to roller skate.  Or how Jackson’s mother was named for a woman who fled Poland to escape the Nazis.

Poor Mike, in the wedding party, kept losing his balloons.

One reason its important to pay attention, kids…. I said my goodnights and was going to head out the door (about 10:30pm) and fortunately saw Lindsey and her mom get pulled up on stage with the band.

I was asked to do family interviews. I managed to get sit downs with the couple who set L+J up on a blind date, parents, and grandparents. You never know what you’ll learn, like how grandma loved LOVED to rollerskate, or Jackson’s mom, Vicki, was named after a woman who fled Poland and the Nazis.

Cally + Mike: North Dakota wedding video

Cally Jo Fredrickson and Mike Foss

North Dakota Wedding Video

Cally Jo and Mike FossSaturday, October 15th, 2016
Photographer: Britta Trygstad
Dance: October Road (band)

It may be below zero as I type this, but Cally and Mike’s wedding day was gorgeous, especially for mid-October.  They had planned for it to be much cooler, with embroidered fleece blankets at the ready, but the Sun was out and they went unused.

Everything was held on the Fredrickson family farm.  Cally and her bridesmaids got ready in one house, while the guys were in the other, by the shop, which also held the reception.

Call Jo FossThis was my third wedding this summer with Cally (the other two she was a bridesmaid).  She sure made things easy.  Everyone had lots of time to get ready or setup.  It was great.

As Cally and Mike walked back down the aisle, now married, they just kept on going.  They walked out to the road for some pictures, which is when some surprise fire works (!) were then launched.  On the plus side, photos and video look much cooler when the sun is hitting the smoke left over from the explosions.

The band, October Road, got started after the first dance, which was performed live.  Cally and Mike surprised (yes, more surprises) everyone with a choreographed dance to Ed Sheeran.

Those are the highlights of the entire day below on the left (or the top), and the entire first dance on the right (or bottom)

And for those who are curious about such things, I was there, filming, for about 13 hours, and shot about six hours of total footage.  Three of that is just the ceremony.