Pricing and Packages for Weddings

Its up to you to decide how much of the day you’d like to remember, and what video(s) you’ll want to watch.  Don’t be afraid to ask me for what you want.  Scroll down to the bottom for an explanation of the different videos and offerings.

In the meantime, here are the most typical packages.  “Don’t Miss a Moment – the entire day filmed” is by far the most popular.  Out of the 20 weddings I filmed in 2016, 13 of them chose it. Start with ‘Just the Essentials’ if you want a more straight forward video of your day, as it happened (and add hours to have me there to film all the moments you want). If you love the stylized moments (posing!) and drone shots then instead look at “Don’t Miss a Moment” and we can adjust the hours, if needed.

I ALWAYS film with multiple cameras and with hidden microphones.  This is to try and ensure the best view of all the important moments and so that you can, you know, actually hear what people are saying (like the vows… that really bugs me when videographers don’t bother with things like the vows… OK, rant over).

Prices do not include travel and related expenses for locations outside of the Red River Valley of the North.

The Essentials – Half the Day filmed  $1495

up to 6 hours of coverage  Ι  Highlight video  Ι  Entire ceremony, speeches, and special dances   Ι  Digital Delivery

This is generally enough time to have everything from the ceremony until after the first dance filmed though I’ve also started with the 1st look.  You can expect the videos to show you what actually happened, NOT usually the stylized, beautiful shots you see in some of my highlights.

Add an hour $100  Ι  Add a 2nd shooter $250  Ι  Raw footage $125

Don’t Miss a Moment – The Entire Day filmed  $2195

up to 12 Hours of wedding day coverage  Ι  Highlight video  Ι  Feature Film  Ι  Entire Ceremony, Speeches, and Special Dances   Ι   Digital, USB, and optional DVD delivery  Ι  Drone footage*

Usually plenty of time to start with hair and makeup in the morning, until an hour or two after the dance starts.  Since I’m with you all day, you can expect at least some stylized, beauty shots to show you at your absolute best. How much we put into that, is up to you and what you want from your video.

Add an hour $150  Ι  Add a 2nd shooter $400   Ι  Raw footage $175

More Than Just a Day – Multiple Days filmed $3700

Engagement Session and Interviews  Ι  Filming the day before the wedding  Ι  Up to 12 hours of Wedding Day Coverage  Ι  Highlight Video  Ι  Feature Film  Ι  Entire Ceremony, Speeches, and Special Dances  Ι  Digital, USB, and optional DVD Delivery  Ι  Drone Footage*  Ι  2nd Shooter during the wedding day

A wedding is more than one day and this gives us the chance to memorialize much more of it.  The engagement session and interview can also be used to make a Save-the-Date video.  Filming the day before could be the rehearsal dinner (and speeches!), or perhaps other smaller moments from throughout the weekend (yes, the option includes the next morning).

Here is another recent example of an entire wedding day, as delivered.

This was 12 hours of coverage, the ‘Don’t Miss a Moment’ option

 What Are the Different Videos?

The Highlight is the 3-8 minute video that is made to share online with family and friends.  Its purpose is to be exciting and fun.  Its about how the day FELT rather than showing everything that happened.  I choose and license the music for the soundtrack.

The Feature or ‘Wedding Film’ is usually 12-45 minutes.  It’s everything worth watching that I caught on film, but in highlight form – more of getting ready.  More of the ceremony (but not the whole thing).

The Entire Ceremony, Speeches, and Special Dances: This is a documentary edit with, well, exactly what it says.  Some people mistake this for raw footage, but its not.  Its the entire ceremony, as it happened, with the best possible view at any given moment.  Same for the speeches at the reception, and the first dance and, if applicable, parent dances.

What About The Options?

The drone means aerial video.  Usually of the scenery, possibly of a special moment.  It is NEVER flown during anything that it would interrupt, like the ceremony.  The drone is dependent on scheduling, weather permitting, and airspace being safe, as prescribed by the FAA.  The operator, Robert Benda, is FAA part 107 certified, meaning licensed and insured, so its legal for him to fly.

A 2nd shooter means another person to help film.  This is especially noticeable during the part of the day with everyone getting ready.  One shooter is with the bride, the other with the groom.  We get to see both sides as they start the day.  It also means additional footage from later parts of the day, but prep is the most noticeable difference.

An engagement session and interviews can be used for several different videos.  We love interviews with the bride and groom to get some stories told, like how they met.  Family stories are also great, not for the wedding video, but as memories of the most important people in your lives.  An engagement session can be similar to your photographer’s, but is just as likely to be used to make a ‘Save the Date’ video or other project.

Raw footage is absolutely every moment of footage I shoot during the wedding day.  Recently, when I was there all day, it was almost exactly six hours of video, about 200GB total.  If you purchase this, I supply the footage on a USB or external hard drive.