Pricing for Weddings

Pricing starts at $1595.  You do NOT have to decide which package or how long you want me to film until closer to the wedding.  All the options and prices are written into your contract and you may change your mind until the week of.  This means if something changes, no problem, I can change to fit your day better.

I always  film and give you videos of the entire ceremony and, if you want me there, the speeches and first dance in full.

I deliver digitally (online) and can now deliver in 4K.

I ALWAYS film with multiple cameras and with hidden microphones.  This is to try and ensure the best view of all the important moments and so that you can, you know, actually hear what people are saying (like the vows… that really bugs me when videographers don’t bother with things like the vows… OK, rant over).

Prices do not include travel and related expenses for locations outside of the Red River Valley of the North.

Yes, I am an FAA licensed drone pilot.  The drone is included when weather, location, and time permit.

Up to 5 hours of coverage  $1595

Highlight video  Ι  Entire ceremony, speeches, and special dances   Ι  Digital Delivery

This is generally enough time to have everything from the ceremony until after the first dance filmed though I’ve also had a couple start with getting ready and the 1st look and stay until after the ceremony.  Add an hour $150

Up to 8 hours of coverage $1995

Highlight video  Ι  Entire Ceremony, Speeches, and Special Dances   Ι   Digital Delivery

Usually enough for from the 1st look, couple posing, ceremony, and until after the 1st dance. Add an hour $150

Up to 12 hours of coverage $2395

Highlight video Ι  1st look, letter readings, or any other special moments  Ι  Entire Ceremony, Speeches, and Special Dances   Ι   Digital Delivery

Plenty of time to start in the morning and last until about an hour into the dance.  The extra time ensures I’ll capture details, people, and moments you’d otherwise miss.  Add an hour $200

What Are the Different Videos?

The Highlight is the 3-8 minute video that is made to share online with family and friends.  Its purpose is to be exciting and fun.  Its about how the day FELT rather than showing everything that happened.  I choose and license the music for the soundtrack.

1st look, letter reading… Sometimes there are important moments that just deserve their own video so you can watch them anytime you’d like.  Since I don’t always include the 1st look or letters in the highlight, I always give you a separate video so you can see it in full when ever.  For ever.

The Entire Ceremony, Speeches, and Special Dances: This is a documentary edit with, well, exactly what it says.  Some people mistake this for raw footage, but its not.  Its the entire ceremony, as it happened, with the best possible view at any given moment.  Same for the speeches at the reception, and the first dance and, if applicable, parent dances.

Are there other options?

A 2nd shooter means another person to help film.  This is especially noticeable during the part of the day with everyone getting ready.  One shooter is with the bride, the other with the groom.  We get to see both sides as they start the day.  It also means additional footage from later parts of the day, but prep is the most noticeable difference. ($250-$400)

An engagement session and interviews can be used for several different videos.  We love interviews with the bride and groom to get some stories told, like how they met.  Family stories are also great, not for the wedding video, but as memories of the most important people in your lives.  An engagement session can be similar to your photographer’s, but is just as likely to be used to make a ‘Save the Date’ video or other project. ($400)

Raw footage is absolutely every moment of footage I shoot during the wedding day, in focus or not, worth watching or not.  At one recent wedding, there for 12 hours, it came to six hours of footage, about 200GB total.  If you purchase this, I supply the footage on a USB or external hard drive. ($200)