Kelsey+Jacob: Milt’s Barn wedding video

Kelsey Kleist and Jacob Johnson

Minnesota Wedding Video

Kelsey and Jacob Johnson

Sunday, May 27th, 2018
Photographer: Kensie Wallner
Dance: DownTown Horns
Reception: Milt’s Barn


My first time to Milt’s Barn and it was a gorgeous day.  Its hard to describe just how many dragonflies there are, buzzing about, but you if you pay attention you can really notice them during the 1st look.  If you think that’s a bad thing, no no no… there wasn’t a single mosquito to be found all day.

Today was a little different.  Kelsey and JJ didn’t have me stay for the reception.  Instead, I arrived for them getting ready, their letters to each other, and a 1st look.


And the letters were lovely.  Each clearly was invested and spent time preparing for the day.

The ceremony featured Kelsey’s grandpa singing (not in the highlight – only in their wedding ceremony video).

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