Alison+Rob: Barn at Five Lakes wedding video

Alison Grafsgaard and Robert Fafinski

Minnesota Wedding Video

Alison and Rob Fafinski

Saturday, September 30th, 2017
Photographer: Emily Alexander
Dance: Silverado Band
Reception: Barn at Five Lakes
Dress: Justin Alexander
Flowers: Ditch Picker


Rob's notes for AliOh, my what a day.  A little rain, a little heat, but mostly it was just beautiful.  Rob surprised Alison with a bunch of notes in envelopes, labeled for different moments of the day.  For instance: Open if (when) you get nervous.  Needless to say it was a big hit with Ali.

I was with the couple all day, and did film their getting ready, but ended up not having it their short highlight because it felt like they’d want more family and friends included, instead of just focusing on the bride and groom.  (and they do see everything else in their other videos).

So, how many complete and total crying moments were there?  Hmmm… Ali when she read the first note from Rob; everyone when Ali had a first look with her bridesmaids and then read a note from Rob to them; Ali and her dad when they saw each other the first time (in the video).  Shockingly, Ali and Rob kept it together when they saw each other at the ceremony.  I was surprised (he did need a tissue for a moment – you see him tuck it back in his pocket as she walk down the aisle).

The dance was great – absolutely packed and still going when I left after an hour or two.  Speeches after dinner were 45 minutes long and, yet, somehow didn’t *feel* long.  One note: the tent was dark (candlelight levels), so I used my lights on Rob, Ali, and whomever was speaking so it’d look good on film.


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