Merissa+Tyler: Bismarck wedding video

Merissa McLeod and Tyler Johnson

Bismarck Wedding Video

Saturday, September 23rd, 2017
Photographer: Ethan Degree, Bismarck
Dance: Power Play DJ
Location: Sixteen03 Main Events (ceremony and reception)


A slightly different day.  Nothing from the ‘getting ready’ part of the schedule.  We joined in after noon, in time for the 1st looks.  First Merissa with her parents, then over to see Tyler.


Merissa had her grandmother, Eileen, as her Matron of Honor.  As she said to me beforehand, ‘she’s 81 and she’s a hoot!’  As Merissa said in her speech, she stands out for all the right reasons.

Their end of the wedding highlight also acts as a great example of why I always put a tiny lapel microphone on the groom as we catch the flower girl telling him how much he means to her, or Merissa’s grandma welcoming Tyler to the family, and, lastly, a stolen moment between the new couple.

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