Shayla+Mike: Vintage Gardens wedding video

Shayla Kuzel and Michael Wirries

Minnesota Wedding Video

Friday, July 7th, 2017
Photographer: Haley Frost
Dance: Front Fenders (Band)
Location: The Vintage Gardens, Barnesville, MN

What a day, what a day.  The Vintage Gardens hosts the entire day, so Shayla and Mike got ready there, married there, and danced to their heart’s content there.  We (photographers and I) may have also done a little dancing, too, once we were done shooting.

But the big story from the day has got to be maid of honor Meg’s toast.  She sang it and it went great.  (see video).  By coincidence I put together the background music for Meg – she knew me through Facebook and did not realize I would be the one filming the wedding and I didn’t know she was the maid of honor for Shayla.  Small world I guess.

The day was a very sunny 80 degrees so it wasn’t the hottest day ever, but it did bake us a bit.  No clouds make the mix of sun and shade a challenge, especially filming an outdoor ceremony.  There was a bit of drama surrounding the guys’ suits, most of which got solved.  When Mike’s button popped during family pictures, I got to play seamstress and sew it back on for him.

Shayla’s engagement ring was made with stones from Mike’s grandmother’s ring.  Shayla also carried a handkerchief that had belonged to her own grandmother, who passed away two years ago.  The bridesmaids each got a note from Shayla and a charm bracelet (so much crying).  The groomsmen some wooden beer mugs.


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