Casey + Chase: Rustic Oaks wedding video

Casey Backhaus and Chase Myers

Rustic Oaks Wedding Video

Friday, June 30th, 2017
Photographer: Erin Pollestad Photagraphy

A beautiful day out at Rustic Oaks.  Not too hot.  Not too sunny.  No rain.

Casey and Chase are little goofballs.  There may or may not exist a reel of her, in particular, making faces and cracking jokes from through out the day.

Casey's wedding dressThere was a dance, but not for them.  More for her mom and the guests.  Casey and Chase had a first dance, and I think Casey got dragged onto the dance floor one time, but that was it.  So photographer Erin and I had some extra time at sunset to get pose them.  This included a sparkler picture, which, I am proud to say, I got to be sparkler guy for Erin.  This took like 5 tries and 15 minutes to get just right.  Sooooo many sparklers (this photo is like five in my hand)

So, best moments… along with getting them to cry in their interviews…. her dad forgetting he had one more job to do at the start of the ceremony (Pssst…. Brad!)…. once everyone was asked to stand for the bride, it took quite a while for her to appear.  Like, minutes.  When I asked her about it afterwards, Casey admitted, she was tearing up again and didn’t want everyone to see her like that (good tears, if anyone is wondering.  Good tears).

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