Lindsey + Jackson: Fargo wedding video

Lindsey Haverland and Jackson Strom

Fargo Wedding Video

Lindsey and Jackson Strom
Friday, April 7th, 2017
Ceremony+Reception Location: Sanctuary Events Center, Fargo, ND
Flowers: Floral and Event Design by Kellie Smith
Photographer: Chantell+Brett photography
Singer: Sophie Thiel
Guitarist: Leonard Jones
Dance: Front Fenders (band)

For a wedding at the start of April, Lindsey and Jackson did score pretty good weather, though they (we) did contend with wind in the 30-40mph range during the day.  On the plus side, that let her veil do some beautiful things like in that GIF below.

Most of the day took place at the Sanctuary Events Center in downtown Fargo, though Jackson got ready at their house, and the photographers found a fantastic spot for the first look.  I mean, just look those pines… that was only a 7 minute drive away from the Sanctuary!  Thanks, Chantell and Brett!

Lindsey and Jackson strom gifWhile family and wedding party pictures were being taken, I managed to steal a few of the VIPS (parents and grandparents) for interviews.  Basically, ask some questions and get them to tell their own stories.  Sometimes you learn wonderful things, like how Lindsey’s 91 year old grandma loved to roller skate.  Or how Jackson’s mother was named for a woman who fled Poland to escape the Nazis.

Poor Mike, in the wedding party, kept losing his balloons.

One reason its important to pay attention, kids…. I said my goodnights and was going to head out the door (about 10:30pm) and fortunately saw Lindsey and her mom get pulled up on stage with the band.

I was asked to do family interviews. I managed to get sit downs with the couple who set L+J up on a blind date, parents, and grandparents. You never know what you’ll learn, like how grandma loved LOVED to rollerskate, or Jackson’s mom, Vicki, was named after a woman who fled Poland and the Nazis.

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