Cally + Mike: North Dakota wedding video

Cally Jo Fredrickson and Mike Foss

North Dakota Wedding Video

Cally Jo and Mike FossSaturday, October 15th, 2016
Photographer: Britta Trygstad
Dance: October Road (band)

It may be below zero as I type this, but Cally and Mike’s wedding day was gorgeous, especially for mid-October.  They had planned for it to be much cooler, with embroidered fleece blankets at the ready, but the Sun was out and they went unused.

Everything was held on the Fredrickson family farm.  Cally and her bridesmaids got ready in one house, while the guys were in the other, by the shop, which also held the reception.

Call Jo FossThis was my third wedding this summer with Cally (the other two she was a bridesmaid).  She sure made things easy.  Everyone had lots of time to get ready or setup.  It was great.

As Cally and Mike walked back down the aisle, now married, they just kept on going.  They walked out to the road for some pictures, which is when some surprise fire works (!) were then launched.  On the plus side, photos and video look much cooler when the sun is hitting the smoke left over from the explosions.

The band, October Road, got started after the first dance, which was performed live.  Cally and Mike surprised (yes, more surprises) everyone with a choreographed dance to Ed Sheeran.

Those are the highlights of the entire day below on the left (or the top), and the entire first dance on the right (or bottom)

And for those who are curious about such things, I was there, filming, for about 13 hours, and shot about six hours of total footage.  Three of that is just the ceremony.


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