Lacey+Joe: North Dakota wedding video

Lacey Nelson and Joseph Dlugos

North Dakota Wedding Video

Lacey and Joe Dlugos

Saturday, June 30th, 2018
Photographer: Nick Friesen
Reception: Colonel Hankinson’s Historic Barn


A warm, sunny day for Joe and Lacey down in Hankinson, North Dakota.  Its a classic rustic barn setup so when we arrived there must have been 25 people getting ready in the stunning (and enormous) house.  Lovely for them, but not if you’d like to quietly film a bride and groom reading the amazing letters they wrote for each other.

This lead to one of my favorite moments this summer: Lacey and Joe sneaking back into the house after the ceremony, no one else allowed, to exchange their letters and some gifts.  Then the photographer and I left and they got to enjoy some time, just the two of them in the midst of a busy day.

Be sure to catch Grandma giving me a quick wink at just before the 6 minute mark.

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