Wedding Video

I’m Robert Benda and I LOVE helping tell stories.  The satisfaction of finding *just* the right song to bring out the emotions of a given moment in someone’s wedding highlights, and the reactions of the people whose story I’m helping tell, is, to me, priceless.

Since 2010 I’ve filmed over 50 weddings.  The combination of family, friends, special moments, and pure emotion make them ideal for me.

I believe in providing couples with both highlights and a video of their entire ceremony (and speeches, and 1st dance).  This gives you the option to watch or not watch what is important to you, rather than me deciding for you.

Its also important to me, and hopefully you, that you actually hear the day.  That’s why all my videos feature the wedding vows, easily heard.  I also use large zoom lenses so I don’t have to crowd you throughout the day.

Check the blog for examples of my different videos I could make for you both below and on the additional pages of the site, and I hope to talk to you soon,

Here is how I deliver an actual wedding digitally.  You can watch, share, or download your videos.  Go ahead and click to watch any and all of the videos, to see my work.

Will we actually Watch Our Video?

Yes.  Over and over.

Its important to me to make something you’ll actually enjoy.  That’s why I offer to make more than one video for you.  There is the shorter highlight that is easy to watch and it made to make you FEEL like your wedding day complete with movie soundtrack.  Then there’s the 15 minute video, I call a wedding film, making it easy to share with friends online, or watch and rewatch online or at home.  Or, if you’re worried you’ll miss out on anything, there is always the documentary-style ‘all-footage’ edit.


Will I get the Raw footage?

No.  It is a paid option, though.  The raw footage is every single second that I film.  That includes out of focus shots, or just the hour or two of random footage I shoot while pointing the camera at people hoping something interesting happens.  Or, just the fact that I film the ceremony with 3 or 4 cameras means a lot of footage of the exact same moments.

What you will get included in all my packages is the documentary style, edited version of all that footage.  The highlight video already includes the best parts.  Then, the full length version of your ceremony, speeches, and 1st dance has the best footage from all 3 cameras cut together into one watchable version.  See the example to the right of an ‘all footage’ ceremony video.